200 Classes Per Year - The Road to Consistency

The best goal for 2024? Consistency! Start with coming to one class...
Wes Kosel
December 2, 2023
200 Classes Per Year - The Road to Consistency

It's December, and goal setting for 2024 is on your mind. Should you focus on a performance goal? weight loss goal? activity goal? Maybe... but I've got a goal to help you with consistency that will lay the foundation for all of your additional goals. First, answer these questions...

If you had a specific goal last year, and like most of us didn’t cross that goal off as completed then you are going to want to continue reading below! In this article, we attempt to break down a few reasons why you should make an attendance goal for the gym this year and how to actually achieve it!

Why 200 Classes?

The goal of attending 200 classes might seem like an impossible task for some, especially those who struggle to workout more than one or two times per week currently. However, we believe that striving towards a 200+ class attendance goal is a 1) simple goal, 2) an effective way to change your habits, 3) a no-brainer way to make you fitter, and 4) something to be proud of at the end of the year!

The Math of Attending 200 Classes?

200 classes comes out to attending 3.8 classes per week. For those that attend that already, your goal is to make sure you hit the actual 200 mark. Only a small number of gym members actually reached the 200 class threshold. Do you have lots of work trips, vacations, etc.? Everyone does! The truth is, most of us can find the time to get inside the PIU gym doors 200 times throughout the year. If you truly can’t because of your life or work circumstances, plan to complete 200 days of workouts in the year instead! These could be workouts at home, the hotel, or at gyms in different cities. 

A Few Things That Might Start to Happen

What happens when you start to attend three to four classes per week? Well, to be honest, lots of things! You may start to notice that you are able to progress easier on many of the movements, or you notice that your strength is improving on certain lifts. An issue with only attending class one or two classes per week is that you don’t see the fundamental movements enough to actually progress and improve. For example, a person attending class one time per week might only squat or practice pull-ups once in a three month span. It leaves the chances against your favor of actually working on a movement and seeing improvement. It’s like you decided to only eat healthy one time per week… we all know that wouldn’t work! You may also start to notice that it gets easier and easier to get yourself to the gym. The power of routine is real and can help tasks use significantly less willpower to execute. If it takes a lot of effort for you to leave the house and go to the gym, try challenging yourself to attend three or four times a week for a month and see if it gets any easier. (We bet that it will!) You might even start to actually LIKE the gym! 

How it’s Possible at PIU

Pick It Up’s class schedule and coaching staff is prepared and ready to support you on your goal to attend 200+ classes. We have classes seven days a week (mostly every week of the year). We offer various times of day to attend class, including early morning, mid-day, evening, and weekends. Our coaches are trained and skilled in helping you improve, and they notice when you haven’t attended classes in a while. You may have been one of those lucky members that got emails or texts from coaches checking in on you throughout the year asking “hey I haven’t seen you in the gym in a while, is everything okay?”. We do that because we care, and because we know that sometimes things can come up that prevent you coming into the gym. We also know that sometimes you just need a reminder to get you right back on track! Our system will track your classes so that we can celebrate the mini-steps on the way to 200+ classes with you! As we’ve done before, we will give you a t-shirt to celebrate some of these milestones! Don’t wait, start the habit now! You’ve got this!

Some Examples!

150 Classes/Year: 2.8 Classes/Week

200 Classes/Year: 3.8 Classes/Week

225 Classes/Year: 4.3 Classes/Week

250 Classes/Year: 4.8 Classes/Week

We are here to help! Let us know what we can do to help you reach your goals.

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